Saturday 1st May 2004 Garnett A 5 (2) vs.(2) 2 Newcastle City

Garnett become league champions with a top draw performance against closest rivals Newcastle City. Garnett stood up like champions in the second half where superior fitness and quality counted.

The first period was a tense and nervy affair with Garnett twice taking the lead through Murray and Young, only for Newcastle City to equalise twice, one of the those from the penalty spot.

However, in the second half Garnett dominated and the game changing moment came when Mercer sliced open the City defense to send Young through who finshed clinically, you then sensed that Garnett had won the league, but like champions Garnett pushed on for more and Young got his hat-trick after Penn had robbed the City left back of the ball and then crossed for Young whose finsih was deadly. Adam Bell finsihed the scoring after Deeble had set him free.

Garnett A are Champions.

Author: Pendlebury

Team: K.Harty, J.Almond, C.Jackson, D.Mercer, D.Pendlebury, P.Janes, T.Penn (S.Collins), B.Holmes, K.Young 3 (MoM) (A.Robins), P.Murray 1 (Adam Bell 1), M.Deeble

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