Wed 23rd November 2005 Garnett B 1 (0) vs. (1) 1 Real Ma Dividend

A bottom of the table clash was seen as a must win by both sides, so the resulting draw possibly saw Ma Dividend the happier at the final whistle with a game in hand.

After a hectic first half, Ma dividend went in front through a free kick from about 20 yards out which was met with some confused debate. Several Garnett and Ma Dividend players thought it had gone over the bar, but the referee made the final decision after spotting it had sailed straight through the net and the keepers arms (blush blush). Garnett went into half time a goal down and disappointed with their first half display. The second half began with Garnett now having the "wind in favour" advantage. Garnett stepped up their game with some good probing attacks down the wing by the rejuvenated pair of Normington and Atkinson. An equaliser came in strange but deserved fashion through Atkinson after an "intended" powerful strike from a tight angle on the left flank. Garnett dominated here after but a winner wasn't grabbed by either side resulting in no real changes in the league as this point.

Author: Jambo

Team: R.Kroon, K.Holmes, E.Chymera, C.Nunn (MoM), J.Royal, R.Wallace, C.Normington, L.Lavery, L.Marshall, S.Cowles, J.Atkinson 1

Subs: W.Johnson

NB: The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the
views of the Gosforth Garnett Bohemian Football Club as a whole.