In the club's annual Presentation night held in the Belle Grove on Saturday May 8th,
David "Trigger" Robinson once again stole the show with his hilarious oratory. This was
the best attended social event of the year with 50 players and many wives, girlfriends
and supporters attending. Thanks to Adam "Taff" Alexander and Neil "The Greek" Hindley
for organizing the event, Rich "Harry Potter" Holme for organising the raffle, all those who
donated raffle prizes, Roger for the 21st edition of the Stats (enjoyed by at least one!), and compeers extraordinaire Martin Pollard and Enigma but most of all
to Trigger. And the winners were…

Saturday Player of the Year, Golden Boot and Ever Presents.
1st Team -Highly skilled and solid as a rock defender Shaun Cavanagh edged out midfielder John Hall who was narrow runner up. Striker Jason Thompson came 3rd. Golden Boot was Danny Sherwood (26) the 3rd time he has won the award for the 1st team and the second time he has been an "Ever Present" not missing a single game all season.
Reserves - Club stalwart Trigger Robinson had even more to swell that head of his beating Paul Menton as his prepared speech clearly demonstrated, closely followed by an injury hit Mark Rogers. Paul Menton (8) took the Golden Boot.
A Team - Legend Martin Pollard (12) took 3rd place, "Ever Present" manager Dave Pendlebury (19 apps) finished second behind the prolific 'Shrek' Kevin Young. The later taking the Golden Boot with a record 22 goals for the A team.
B Team -Midfield general Glenn Kent took 1st place ahead of Rich 'Potter' Holme and Adam Robins. Andy Bell took the Golden Boot with 8 goals, Keith was second with 7. Manager Dan Ford was "Ever Present" along with Ed Shaw and Keith Jones, 4D playing in every cup and friendly game and now holding the 4th team consecutive appearances record with 36.
C Team - Giles Dawnay (4) snapped up to award with Wes Etan grabbing Golden Boot with a record breaking 12 goals in the battling C team. Apologies second and third place were misplaced, anybody remembers email  Roger.

Wednesday Player of the Year, Golden Boot and Ever Presents.
A Team
- 3rd was last season's number 2 (snigger) Alex Martin, 2nd was new signing Matt Sammonsand the winner was another fresher Dave 'Bruno' Mullan. Chris Dawson and Adam Bell shared Golden Boot with 5 goals, the former adding to his B team top goal scorer award from last season.
B Team -Announced by the loquacious Manager and message board king Rob Thorpe who was an 'Ever Present' along with Harty, Rory, Simmo, Nico and Muzza: Paul 'weemuzz' Murray took the prize with Tom 'Pez' Perry in 2nd and fresher Nico Heslop in 3rd. Steve Moore last season's C team player of the season and Golden Boot claimed the B team top goal scorer award with 10.
C Team - Manager Giles Dawnay was an 'Ever Present' along with Chris Nunn and Jackson and thoroughly deserved player of the season with Ben Brown in 2nd and Jacko in 3rd. Nick Garbutt took Golden Boot with 9 goals.

Club awards
Club Man of the Year
- Shaun Cavanagh for his continued dedication to the Green and Black and passion for the beautiful game making him a undeniably popular winner. Apart for his obvious footballing contribution as 1st team player of the year the last two seasons, Shaun almost single handedly ran the Garnett Race night just to name one of the many fund raising and administrative services he provided the club with.
Most Improved Player - There were a number of suggestions, Fraser Hepburn for making 1st team goal keeping spot his own after 7 years with the club (previous winner 1998-99) was just one. But Kev Young rightly took the honour in his 3rd season having netted 43 goals in 40 appearances for all teams 37 of them in the double winning A team.
Golden Boot - Despite being run close by Shrek's 22 goals Danny Sherwood, the 'muppet' took his 5th Club golden boot award with the same tally as won last season 26 goals, but his first in for a Garnett team playing in the Northern Alliance, the highest standard yet.
Best New Player -
Although the records don't confirm it this award is not new and has been presented before, but a revival was deemed necessary due the number of talented new players this season. Dave Mullen took the prize, making it as a 1st team squad player as a fresher.
Centurians -
Six went past the 100 mark this season Fraiser Hepburn 131 (2), Dave Alexander 115 (41), Edd Shaw 112, Adam Bell 108 (78), Dan Ford 106 (25), Tim Burke Murphy 103 (17), and all fully deserve the utmost respect afforded to Centurians.

Players Leaving the Club:

Tim Burke Murphy
Tim made a welcome return to the club after missing most of last season. An energetic and hard running midfield player Tim is another excellent clubman who efficiently acted as the Student Secretary in his second year. Tim became one of the select band who have become centurians with 103 appearances and 17 goals.
Giles Dawnay
Narrowly missing becoming a centurian in 3 years with 91apps and 10 goals Giles nonetheless has had his most successfull season winning the Saturday 5th team and Wednesday C team player of the season awards being only one game away from a unique "Ever Present" award for both teams.
Kev Young
A goal scoring machine (especially this season) with 67 goals out of 83 appearance, Kev rightly won most improved player this season and was pivotal in the Saturday A team's double winning achievement. A great temperament and cool head under pressure, his advice to look out for Shrek 2 will be keenly observed.
Mark Rogers

Despite being plagued by hamstring injuries Mark showed the form that won him place in the 1st team as a fresher this season. One of the best passers of the ball in the club, a reliable and hard working player and influential in the Reserves successful late rise to 4th place. Along with Alex he contributed hugely to the success of this seasons Trials.
Rob Thorpe
Managerial legend in his own message board posts, Rob contributed in every way to the Green and Black machine, with post match analysis, stats and match reports a plenty. One of a disappearing breed, the Garnett smoker, Rob became a well known figure and his presentation night speeches show his passion for the Wed B team he managed and played for, even if they did seem never ending at the time! He was joint 3rd POS for the Wed C last season and an ever present for them and this years Bs but limited saturday appearances last season left him shy of centurian status with 85 appearances and 5 goals.
Stuart Spence
Stuart is another who contributed off the pitch as well as on, managing the Saturday C team last season and ordering the Training tops this year especially was not an easy task and many a player will be thankful for his efforts. Wednesday C Team keeper for last two seasons and B team keeper before that ,winning the most man of the match awards this season and an ever present for the Saturday Cs Stuart has recorded 78 appearances over his 3 years.
Adam Bell
Despite past accusations of lacking in strength, Adam has always let his goal scoring do the talking racking up 81 goals in 111 appearances, making him 4th highest goal scorer of all time. Twice Golden Boot winner for Wednesday As and joint winner for this seasons Saturday B team. An ever present in the Saturday A team for this and last season when he won joint Player of the Year, Adam was the most recent to achieve centurian status, and has secured his place in the Garnett hall of fame.
Doug Allison
After a year out in France, with the good food and wine may have had something to do with Doug coming back focusing mostly on playing in the Wednesday C team and for them was only a game away from "ever present" status. A regular face at socials, we hope to see him at the reunions every 1st week in November!
Rich Turner
Rich worked his way up the ranks, and his desire and determination is unmatched in the whole club. A regular and excellent trainer, no-one wanted to do well as much as Rich. He enjoyed his best season for the club and lent his support both on and off the pitch. Hopefully he will return for reunions to make up the 4 appearances he needs to make his 100.
Bede McMillan
A recent regular for the Saturday Bs Bede notched up 28 goals in 56 appearances not bad for a winger first and striker second, and placing him in the top 50 all time goals scorers list. Joint 3rd in Player of the year last season for Sat B team, and the season before that for Wednesday Cs.
Steve Moore

Winner of last season's Saturday C team and Wednesday C team player of the season and golden boot and holder of the Saturday Cs record goals scored in a game (5), Steve only played for the Wednesday B team this season (scoring 10 in 10 games!) and so reached only 44 appearances but his tally of 27 goals is enough to put him in the top 50 goal scorers for the club.

To those of you who couldn't make it, plans for more socials and even more post match integration between all 5 teams next season. Bell Grove sponsorship.

And Finally... check out all the photos here