The North Terrace held one the most entertaining Presentation nights ever, organised by Shaun Cavanagh and Adam Alexander. Club statistician Paul Miller rushed out the 20th edition of the Stats with that days stats included and provided the trophies. Faithfull Club servant Martin Pollard rushed back from more cricketing accolades to be mast of ceremonies. While Club Chairman, Green and Black through and through, Patrick Powlett fought back the lack of sleep and extended his visa to set aside newborn duties and be there. And the winners were…

Saturday Player of the Year
1st Team -Highly skilled and solid as a rock defender Shaun Cavanagh edged out midfielder Dave Mercer who was narrow runner up - remarkably voted by every 1st player as their 1 and 2. Team secretary Craig Rowson came 3rd. Golden Boot was Jason Thompson (13) just one O.G. ahead of Danny Sherwood.
Reserves - Elder statesman Martin Campbell-Wonders put the youngsters to shame all apart from Adam Alexander who he pipped to the post on virtue of a "votes per games played" calculation. Some distance behind them was Roland Robinson, which was a shame as the legendary After Dinner Speaker's acceptance speech was hugely entertaining! Chris "the horse... rider" Dawson (14) comfortably won Golden Boot.
A Team - Tom Perry took 3rd place, and honours were even for 1st place between captain James Pike (9) and his fellow striker Adam Bell (7). The former taking the Golden Boot and the latter being the only "Ever Present" (playing in every game) for the A team.
B Team - Dependable and ever positive Tom Sheehan took the honours, Glenn Kent took 2nd, Bede McMillan tied for 3rd with high scoring Corinthians jorneyman Keith Jones (16) who grabbed the Golden Boot. Manager Dan Ford was the team's only "Ever Present", showing his will to win and comittment to the Green and Black.
C Team - Steve Moore (6) snapped up to award ahead of Paul Murray and Chris Nunn who along with Ben Steele was an "Ever Present" in the battling C team.

Wednesday Player of the Year
A Team
- 3rd was Tom Webb, 2nd and knocked off the top with 17 pts was Alex "the human wall" Martin, and the winner by some margin with 27 pts was Rich "the machine" Watson. Sam Collins (13) bagged the Golden Boot.
B Team -The absent minded and oratorially skilled JR confimed that "obnoxious pin-head yorkshireman" Chris Dawson was the winner, and also the Golden Boot with 8 goals.
C Team - Announced by the loquacious Manager and message board king Rob Thorpe: himself in 3rd place, 2nd was Paul Murray and the winner was Saturday C team top man Steve Moore who bagged a total of 16 goals for both teams.

Club awards
Club Man of the Year
- Martin Campbell-Wonders' off the field administration and passion for the beautiful game coupled with his commitment to his favorite Green and Black made him a unanimously popular winner. In a rousing speech he vowed to continue to be a servant of the club despite hanging up his boots next season, some consolation for the loss of twice winner (Reserves 02-03, Sat B 01-02) and once runner up (Sat B 2000-01) player of the year talent.
Most Improved Player - J.R Fitzgerald's unfortunate misplacing of this shield shouldn't dent the honour Dave Mercer deserves for his ever- improving all round game. Notable mentions went to Stuart Spencer as the goal keeping Manager of the Saturday C team (a 11-8 victory in their last league game not with-standing), Adam Alexander's increasing defensive dominance and Fraiser Hepburn's (winner 1998-99) transformation into a redoubtable man in nets which helped the Reserves to a record 11 game unbeaten run with and 10 cleans sheets.
Golden Boot - Chris Dawson 's 26 goals in all competitions made him a clear winner with fresher Adam Bell ("weak as shandy"), as he was last year coming 2nd with 23 and the diminutive elf that is Dan Corcoran 3rd on 20.
Centurians - Unusually no players went past he 100 mark this season although Fraiser Hepburn found a spot in the Top 50 club appearances with 91. But 2 players passed and even greater appearances threshold, the Double Centurian. Gaz Hopkins, believed to have only ever missed 1 Saturday for Garnett and "ever present" for the Reserves this season, has 221 appearances, just one off 3rd most capped player. And the most successful manager for Garnett in recent times, master of ceremonies and legendary clubman, Martin Pollard, often selflessly playing others ahead of his unboubted talent nevertherless managed to rack up his 212th appearance for the Green and Black.

Players Leaving the Club:

Matt Dunhill - Sat and Wed C stalwart, Manager of the 2001-02 Wed Cs and "ever present". Runner up in the Sat C player of the year 2001-02. 77 (4)
James (J.R.) Fitzgerald -
a handful of apps in 2000-01, won Most Improved Player (2001-02) when in the Sat A and Wed B. This season managed Wed Bs- forgetfully! Always center stage at Garnett socials. 52
Matt (I.D.) Ovenden - Another Sat and Wed C team regular, "ever present" for the Wed Cs 2000-01 and a record 15 consecutive league apps for Sat C 2001-03. 68 (7)
James Pike
- Saturday A Manager of the last 2 years, Sat C (2000-01) and current joint Sat A Player of the Year and Golden Boot. 74 (37)
Gregg (Stins) Stinson -
while confining his skills mostly to Wednesday As as manager this season he has proved a faithful, reliable and passionate servant like his brother before him. 44(11)
Gary Swarbrick -
Three solid years as the Sat and Wed C team's right back, constant and dependable, only missed 4 games for the Wed Cs over 3 seasons. 69 (1)
Luke (Dirty Dog/Sky) Walker -
Sat A Player of the Year twice (2000-01, 01-02) and integral member of this season's Double winning Reserves. 88 (18)
Tom (Valdarama) Webb
- Started in the C teams in his 1st season, went on to win the Wed B and Reserves Player of the Year (2001-02) awards, finished in the Sat 1sts and Wed A this season. 85 (6)
Jochen (The German) Zengler -
to quote his Sat A manager "contradicted all the sterotypes I know about German Keepers, he has a sense of humour, he's not uptight and can't catch a ball!" The season gone saw highs and lows for the visitor from Deutchland, but the offer to host a Garnett Tour match at his home club was typical of the generous and committed lad he is. Scored more goals (1 for the Reserves against Jesmond Jets and a famous hat-trick in the FA Cup Day Friendly game, all poweful strkes to be proud of) in one season than most Garnett goalkeepers do in a lifetime! 32 (4)

To those of you who couldn't make it, Shaun Cavanagh spoke of the plans for more socials and improved post match integration between all 5 teams next season. Nick of the North Terrace promised to reward the club for it's patronage with increased sponsorship. Paddy announced the move of the 1st team the Northern Alliance, the Reserves to the Tyneside Amateur League and the Sat As into the Corinthians League. To help with this an push for new signings at the Trials, pre-season training starting in July and the need for more fundraising. The initiative to offer Garnett Old Boys vice-presidentship, a news letter and event invites for a small monthly fee of a couple of quid.

And for the players who left the party early, one last result you may not have heard about. The Reserves added another victory to their record breaking season. A determined team of Taff, Gaz, Roger and Polly out drank opposition from the 1st and A teams to win the customary presentation boat race. Championes indeed! Those hard core left and continued the party in Revolution and the Lounge.

And Finally... check out the the 5-a-side tournament on Cup Final Day, which turned into a thrilling 6-5 friendly and penalty shoot-out.