Debut: 2002/03

Position: Centre Midfield/Right Back

Previous Senior Clubs: None

How he signed for Green and Black: Joined straight out of University

Profile: Very committed player and manager of Reserves and A's for many seasons.  Responsible for many talented players joining the club via the Kent family University of Northumbria connection.  Enjoys the central midfield battle but as Paddy never tires of telling him his best position is right back.

Manager's comment: Likened to the hard man of the team despite his stature and never afraid to put in a tackle however mistimed. Has previously taken a hand at management and was renowned for his “truly inspirational” team talks that led to many a Garnett suicide. True work horse of the team and probably the fittest due to the many hours he spends spinning (with Sage) – however his pace is disappearing as quick as Envy’s hair!