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Debut: 2007/2008

Position: Striker

Previous Senior clubs: None

How he signed for Green and Black: Intra-mural connection

Profile: A raw talent who had been an accomplished rugby winger in his younger days, Darren has progressed from the A team to the Reserves to one of the key players in the 1st team. A lightning quick and hardworking striker who will only get better with more experience.  Unfortunately a series of injuries and illness stopped Darren establishing himself as a 1st team player until the 2011-12 season.

Personal Profile: "This man’s only purpose in life is to model, with his chiselled features, often found wearing vests and pestering women, this man would be the clubs chief sleeze, if it wasn’t for Captain Fantastic. You can often find Darren Campbell with a different woman on his arm each week in Newcastle’s swankiest bars, however each of these women have the same pet name for Darren....PEST!.."

Manager's Comments (2009-10): "A real handful for any centre back. Full of running and bags of pace. To go along with that Darren is also physically very strong. Needless to say with those attributes he will always score goals. Interestingly, Darren played rugby for much of his sporting career. Probably explains why he is not afraid to get stuck in.The fastest man to ever come out of Northern Ireland.  On that basis you’d think he’d know how to stretch his hamstring by now (apparently not?). With Daz in the team you know you’ve always got a chance. With his pace and running you just know he can turn a game on its head very quickly. Had quite a few injuries lately. Hopefully he can get back to full fitness soon. Rumour amongst the lads is that he has auditioned for the TV show Take me Out??”